From Pineapple Wine:

that makes you believe how you feel
right now will go on forever.
The plants on Maui look like dumb cane,
but instead of rendering you speechless,
they put you in a permanent fugue state:
you keep repeating things and cannot stop.
We are all shipwrecked sailors eating
from forbidden lotus plants,
gaining not knowledge but forgetfulness.
Like Odysseus’ crew, we no longer want to return home.
We can barely remember home.
For us there are only exotic fruits, friendly local
girls, tattooed surfers, and day after sun-filled day
with no to-do list.
But when the drug of paradise begins to wear off,
we start to realize that each human being has a finite number
of days. It’s a fact difficult to grasp, like trying to recall
the phone number of your first job.
The past, the future, the present, they’re all the same here.
Memory is just another thing washed clean by the tides,
bleached out by the sun.
In Maui there’s only the eternal present,
and we’re all immortal.