From Dead Man’s Flower:

Because a weed can grow in a crack in asphalt
Because no movie can compare with the blockbuster playing in my head
Because the line between tragedy and comedy looks like this – – – –
Because there is no word in English for where mercy is located in the human heart
Because there are saints hidden beneath every kudzu patch and landfill
Because I know a homeless man who always shares his food
Because YouTube isn’t MyTube
Because all that twitters is not sold
Because when the universe refuses to give you what you want, you get what you need
Because chance doesn’t play favorites
Because opportunity is always running a 90% off sale
Because salam and shalom mean the same thing
Because even an infant can feel, in his mother’s breath, the entire Cosmos
pulsating with good.

This poem was originally published in the 2010 edition of Encore, Anthology
of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies.