The Poetry Alarm Clock (2008) In this book you will meet a drunk with smeared lipstick who shows up only at midnight; a lady enshrined forever on a restaurant wall; a little boy with Shaken Child Syndrome who just wants a home; a colonel in the Army who wears orange socks; and a factory worker in a drug plant who runs out of pills for herself. Award-winning poems set like jewels in a jester’s crown, this collection will appeal to you, even if you hated poetry in high school. $11.95
Books may be purchased from the author in person or by emailing her at from Amazon and iUniverse.

Dead Man’s Flower (2012) Poems of loss and longing, family love and disconnection, grief and recovery, homesickness and wanderlust, over Europe, Maui and the Mainland dominate this collection. Follow the award-winning author as she pulls up stakes and moves to Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, where she encounters a world of the sacred and the commercial, of rain forests and desert, beaches with a history and locals who love to tell her about it; while back home in Georgia her old life keeps evolving and her family is growing smaller and smaller. $12.95
Books may be purchased from the author in person or by emailing her at or from the publisher, Yawn’s Books, Canton, Georgia; phone: 678.880.1922 Or ordered from your favorite on line source.

Pineapple Wine: Poems of Maui (2018). In Dead Man’s Flower the author got her feet wet in the culture of the Hawaiian Islands. In her latest collection of poems, Pineapple Wine: Poems of Maui, she finds herself immersed in the culture. Come along with her and learn what a mixed plate is, who is a hapa and who is a kamaʻāina, taste poke, experience a tree that takes up two city blocks, and meet some tutus in muumuus. In this book, it’s like every day is pau hana Friday, and everybody looks better in an aloha shirt. $12.95